Is a condition in which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause. Also called leucoderma.

Testimonials of Customers With Vitilgo

Hi Emily,

My experience to use ur product is speechless, becs my husband use that product fm last 1 year and he is very happy , this make up is best ,thanks Emily,I don’t have word to say what u have done in my life,u r the angel

This is a lovely email I got from a client with Vitiligo.

Thank you so much Mrs. Emily!

I love the way I look. My kids was so surprised and happy when they saw me! They told me that I look beautiful. My oldest son said “mom I didn’t even recognize you at first”. Mrs. Emily you are a life saver. I’m finally able to wear short sleeve shirts! Thank you so much.

I’m definitely a happy client!!!

Hi Emily,
I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to get back in contact with you. It has been a very busy week. I wanted to thank you sooooo much. I absolutely love love your work. I love the product. I can’t wait to come back for the equipment. I looked at my schedule and it would be better for me to come the weekend of the 12th since my schedule is so hectic, however I’m not sure if your available. I won’t need to be airbrushed as it will be too early(my cruise is on the 26th) but I definitely want to come down to get the equipment.I really would love to have this product available while on the cruise. This would be the first time I could ever feel comfortable in my own skin and actually wear my legs out. Please let me know if any of this is possible. Thank you sooo very much again. Have a wonderful day!

testimonialI always think about you.  I can’t help it especially since I can go all day without thinking about touching up my make-up.  Such a great feeling.  I appreciate all of your help in getting the right colors picked out for me.  I actually get compliments, which is weird.  It’s so hard to accept sometime because I know i have skin issues, but it just means I have the perfect combination (thanks to you!).  Let know if you can help.  Thanks so much! I have attached our baby shower invite so you can see the family and an updated pic of me.  Talk with you soon. ((HUGS))


its PERFECT!!!!
thank you so much for all your help, i love it, i am sending you a huge hug :)

thank you

(this is from a client who has Vitiligo on her face who I did a color match by mail for.)

Emily…..I love you. God Bless you Emily. I know the Lord sent me to you. I kept praying before I came down there saying “If this isn’t supposed to happen let me know” — and honestly, I felt like He was pushing me along, and every day I thank God for you coming into my life. I walk around like a different person now. I wouldn’t run to the store without putting on a long sleeve shirt and pants and here I was up at CVS this morning in capris and a tank top. Remember to eat and rest so you can keep making people happy!!


This is my gorgeous client who has extensive Eczema on the face and body.
She looks amazing and is beautiful inside and out.

Thank you very much, it’s been a rough road, but thank you for your support.
I would put the makeup on with a airbrush,

I am sending the package out tomorrow I am sending it out overnight mail.. so u will get it on Friday I hope..
Your still the best makeup artist out there, there is no one like you

Thanks again

Hi! I live in Jacksonville, FL and i know you are in Atlanta, but do you know of any companies similar to yours in my area? Your work is phenomenal!

Hey Emily,
It was a pleasure meeting you as well. I just wanted you to know that I’ve processed the payment on Paypal and you should be notified shortly. Thanks for your time and beautiful work and I’ll talk to you soon.

Emily Connors you are a phenomenal wonderful amazing woman and i’m not just saying that i mean it from my heart. I will never ever forget how you have helped me to change my life for the better you are a true inspiration to me and God knows you are blessed. When i get older and successful i want to show the same kindness to other girls that you have shown to me. I LOVE U AND THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME EM. =

“I recently purchased the airbrush system from Emily. I have had Vitiligo on my legs since I was 10 years old and for the first time in my life, I have the confidence to wear a dress, shirt, and shorts. The airbrush is flawless, is easy to spray on, and lasts a long time. The great thing I like about the airbrush is that you can bathe in it and it won’t rub off. It doesn’t make your skin look red like other products I have tried. With the airbrush, you wouldn’t be able to tell you have on any camouflage. I will definitely recommend this product.”

Hello Emily: Just to let you know how thankful I am to have met you and how I believe that your gift is a blessing for many people like me. I was skeptical at first when I ran across the bodyworks website, But, as I continued to read the testimonies and viewed the pictures, I thought, it wouldn’t hurt to at least try it. I tried it and I’m completely impressed with the outcome. I can now feel confident when I’m outside of my home against the stares of people. Vitiligo is more than just unsightly white patches on the skin, it is a daily psychological and emotional experience for people who have it. In addition to being impressed with the “Airbrush makeup” outcome on my hands, I’m equally excited over the fact that you get to purchase the spray machine along with makeup and supply’s to perform the procedure in the privacy of your own home whenever a touch up is needed. I recommend the “ Airbrush makeup” to anyone with a skin flaw or condition, for I’m a person living with Vitiligo since 2007 and have tried many products and procedures, and this is the best yet. Thanks again Emily for sharing your gift.
Your new friend,

This is an email I got from a client who has Vitiligo on one side of her face. She came here and I did a color match, and then she bought the equipment and make up, and I taught her how to use it , and airbrush her make up on her.

“Good Morning Emily! How are you and Plato doing?I’ve been meaning to contact you about how thrilled I am with the make up! It feels so great not to have to worry about my make ALL day long. It’s a HUGE relief. It’s now taking me 5 minutes to apply. Thank you so much. , I was just telling my husband that this is the most happy I’ve ever been with any makeup that I’ve ever used. So again I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Hi Emily,I really appreciate you doing this for me. There are still lots great
people left in this world and your one of them. World would be a way
better place if their more people like you. Thanks for everything. You
are definitely an inspirational person to me and I look up to you.”

“Hi Emily, Yes, it’s me again. I know I already gave you tons of Thank You’s the last time I was at your shop. When I came to see you, I really didn’t have any expectations. I mean, I have been searching the internet looking for someone who could help me with the Vitiligo that I had on my hands and a few spots on other places of my body. When I walked in the door, I just had this feeling that you were the one who was going to help me. And the rest is history! I must first say that I am not the least bit ashamed of the spots on my hands. It was a life changing event for sure but I learned to deal with it. My friends would ask and I would simply say, I have no clue. Nonetheless, they never treated me any different.

I know that God uses people as vessels and I knew that there was someone out there who could help me camouflage the spots or hide them or whatever-SMILE-and I found you! What a difference you have made in my life!

Emily the most amazing thing to me is when people who saw me with the Vitiligo and with the airbrush, without the Vitiligo, look at me strange. I just laugh to myself and keep it going! LOL-LOL-It is indeed funny to me. LOL-Nevertheless, I can never thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now, my three year old got in my makeup and yep, spilled my makeup! Can I come over tomorrow and get some more? I will call you too. I look forward to seeing you.
Thanks again, Toni”







Robby is a handsome and rugged 27 year old man who lives in a small town in the country in Middle Georgia, where he is a lumberjack by trade. He loves fishing and hunting, and well, of course, beautiful girls.

Robby has Vitiligo on his hands, face and stomach and back. He can’t go in the sun, because it makes the Vitiligo more visible. But his arms are much darker than the rest of his body and face. He wanted to be darker and look bronzed like he had been lying in the sun. So, first I covered the Vitiligo, and then I made him one color, and that color was a beautiful, bronzed look He was very happy , and bought the equipment to do on himself. Now he looks like he should be on the cover of GQ Magazine

Body Make-up and Cover up, which is applied with an airbrush with our very special makeup, invented by my uncle 30 years ago (primarily for the entertainment industry), has amazing results. I can cover up anything from acne, scarring, stretch marks, Vitiligo, tattoos, sun spots, and almost any other skin condition, including spider and varicose veins, birth marks, and scars from tummy tucks, breast lifts, reductions, and augmentation. Or, I can just enhance the skin color or even out, red, freckled, blotchy skin and uneven skin tones, dark knees and elbows, irritated skin around the bikini area from shaving, waxing and ingrown hairs, or just give the skin, a flawless finish. The makeup is waterproof and can last for up to a week or sometimes longer, (although this will vary depending on the individual and how well they take care of it.) There is a huge market for this service from brides to bridal parties, dancers, models, and private clientele. Before airbrushing the makeup on my client’s skin, I must first do a custom color match which can either match the color and shade of their skin exactly, or we may decide to enrich and enhance skin color, giving it more warmth or depth or a sun kissed glow. No matter which way we go, it will look and feel extremely natural,and won’t come off on clothes or the furniture or on the towels and sheets. Further more, it is very rewarding, because I have the ability to change someone’s life, even though it is only temporary. Or, I can teach my clients how to apply it themselves and mix their own custom color from the recipe I made them, or they can just order the makeup from me. I have clients who come in from all over the country, just to get a custom color made.

Sandy has Vitiligo on her hands and wrists.

Sandy has Vitiligo on her hands and wrists.

Before picture of Sandy’s wrists

After Picture of Sandy’s wrists

These 2 pictures were taken of the same person. She has Vitiligo as well as some Psoriasis on her legs. The first picture is probably closer to her natural color; it was taken with out a flash. The second picture is a close up, but appears lighter, because it was taken with a flash.

Either way, her legs looked gorgeous after I did her color match and airbrushed her makeup, She ended up airbrushing the second leg all by herself, after watching me apply the makeup on her left leg just one time, She could not believe how easy it was to apply on herself.

She was delighted, and left wearing a dress she had bought 2 years ago, that has been sitting in her closet filled with 20 more adorable outfits, still with the tags, that she had bought years ago, and never worn, because she did not want to expose her legs, She couldn’t wait to go out wearing the dress she brought with her.

She had not worn a dress or shorts in over 10 years. She was going to Jamaica the following week, but was not excited about it, because she didn’t want to wear anything revealing her legs, but after she had the make up applied, she couldn’t wait to go on her vacation.

“Dear Emily, I’m sorry this took so long…. But, I want to let you know how PLEASED I was with the airbrush and makeup!!!! I could not have asked for more. At first I was a little hesitant but I thought to myself she is a professional, she knows what she is doing. So, then I asked you to do my makeup for the wedding as well. When you finished the airbrushing covering my tattoos, it looked FANTASTIC!!!!! I couldn’t be more pleased! My sister and best friend all were in AWWWW!!! They were believers with airbrush now!!! But, the kicker was when you completed my makeup… You asked what would you like and I told you what I wanted. You didn’t have to ask anything else it’s like you knew exactly my vision. When you were done and you said you can look now.. I was in SHOCK!!! I couldn’t believe how BEAUTIFUL I looked on the morning of my BIG DAY!! My sister and friend were almost in tears it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!!!!

Thank you sooo much Emily,
Erika Allen”

“Emily, I just wanted to say thank you again for everything. You are definitely a blessing. Times are harder than ever and I know you understand how that can be, but when you have the opportunity to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it makes life worth living and trying again and again if need be. You are such a gem and I just wanted to personally say thank you.
Please contact me when you have an estimate ready and also keep me updated with Plato :)
Thanks again,

Thanks so much for your help! I’ve also included the Prescriptive foundation, just in case. But, you have already matched my skin color perfectly. I love it. I cannot believe that we did this all by mail in such a short time. You are wonderful, and you are responsible for changing my life, so much for the better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ll be speaking with you soon.

“Hi Emily!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for consulting me with your make-up artistry services for my skin disorder (Vitiligo). I have had Vitiligo most of my life (over 35 years) and struggle everyday to apply my makeup on. The makeup that I purchased is truly life altering. No longer do I worry that someone is looking at my Vitiligo through my makeup or even having on caked on makeup. It is truly amazing. I appreciate the color match and the helpful lessons on applying it. It’s really easy to apply (once you get the hang of it) and for the first time ever I’m actually using a makeup that lasts ALL day until I take it off.
Many of these camouflage makeup crèmes (the popular ones) says that it is rub resistant and lasts all day, but they really don’t. Believe me I know. I think I have used everything on the market. Usually everything I would touch, I would leave a makeup print which is pretty irritating. Every day, I had to make a conscience effort not to touch my face because I would remove the makeup, but not anymore. With this makeup, it is no longer an issue. It goes on and once it dries “It’s on”. You don’t know how much of a relief it is to wear a makeup and know for certain that it hasn’t melted away. This has given me a brand new confidence. I can hold my head up high instead of looking away or down so that people can not see the Vitiligo that I’m attempting to hide.
Lastly, I want to thank you for being “
YOU”. I have yet to meet someone who didn’t have Vitiligo but have so much compassion for those who suffer with it. You are truly heaven sent and I want you to know that you are such a blessing to your clients that suffer with it and just want to live a normal life.
I’m wishing you so much success in your business and I am so happy that I was able to find you on the net.
With Warmest Regards,

“Hi Emily, Hopefully this e–mail finds you well. The recipe is Emily’s Mocha and Toffee #6. How much of each goes into the blend, I don’t remember. However, if you send both colors separately, I can mix them both to my liking, which I did with the other separate colors you sent me and it turned out beautifully! Okay, let me know how much each cost cause I’m running low on colors and would like more by mid next week at the latest. Thanks Emily, you’re a goddess!

P.S. Words cannot describe how appreciative I am of you. You have changed the way I view myself and look at life, thank you.
Thanks Emily! Take care.”
Hello Emily,

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!

Yeah, it’s really a great product so I see why she’s hogging it! LOL our party is today and I’m begging her to let me airbrush. But it’s so difficult. I knew I shouldve bought one for myself but she didn’t have the full money to get her own before. So I thought by splitting it that would help us both.

Atlanta really tapped me out of my funds so I will have to wait until my next paycheck to order the machine.

You are just so wonderful , and I was so sad to leave your house. You are awesome and you don’t even know how much you helped me emotionally. I appreciate your efforts and If I was a millionaire I would fly to see you every week!

Hope to order from you soon


Thank you so much! I will send it to you first thing wed! You are truly a blessing and have become a friend! I will forever be grateful for you. Love u much.


I can cover up ANYTHING with Body Makeup and Cover-up!
Safe, long lasting, FDA approved Body Makeup and Cover up!

Amazing cover up of ALL skin conditions, including:
Vitiligo, Birthmarks, Stretch Marks, Tattoos, Red Blotchy Skin, Hyper Pigmentation, Liver, Sun, and Old Age Spots, Spider Veins, Tummy Tuck Scars, Scars from Breast Lifts and Augmentation, Suntan lines, Marks from Bra Straps, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne Scarring, Chicken Pocks Scarring, or Any skin condition.

Enhance your skincolor, giving you beautiful, flawless looking skin!

Hello Emily!
How are you? Guess what? My boyfriend agreed to purchase my airbrush set for me for our anniversary gift! He knew how happy I was to have it and said he will get it for me. So I’m super excited! Emily, you had taught me such a valuable gift I don’t even know how to repay you. You have helped me so much I’m not sure you can understand how much!! So please give me the total when you have the chance. You are sincerely awesome.

Hi Emily
Hope u r well. I am good, thanks again for helping me with the vitiligo makeup, I was very comfortable this summer and was able to wear whatever I wanted as a result of the flawless coverage.
Please send me another bottle as I am almost out. Pls also send me the paypal request
Thanks so much

I got this e mail from a lovely client of mine who had gotten a few tattoos when she was much younger, and now in her 50’s and a grandmother of 3, she just hates her tattoos and won’t let her grandchildren or anyone else see them, But now, everything has changed:

I am thrilled and can’t thank you enough for your kindness to me, not only for the products, but for your time. We stopped at a beauty supply store on the way home and I proudly strolled through the store with my tank top on. I felt naked. It will take a bit of time for me to realize that I don’t have to hide anymore. That’s enough to bring tears to my eyes.

Thank you with all my heart,


Hug darling Plato for me.

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